About Albert Val

Hi! I’m Albert Val!

Professional background


I’ve worked as a strategic consultant for the pharmaceutical industry for almost 7 years. During this time I did a variety of projects in multiple areas helping companies solve challenging problems linked to their organisation. Thanks to this I achieved a great specialisation in go-to-market strategy, commercial organisation design, sales force effectiveness, commercial excellence, and advanced analytics. I really enjoyed seeing how data driven decisions helped organisations achieve better results.


I have always been very interested in entrepreneurship, and since very young I wanted to found my own company. I’ve always loved technology and innovation, and that was one of the reasons I chose to conduct engineering studies. However, I soon realised I wanted to learn more about managing companies, marketing and investment opportunities. Hence, I decided to conduct a business administration degree, where I continued developing my entrepreneurship curiosity. After years in strategic consulting, I am now working on a startup project related to the sailing industry, something I feel passionate about. You can find out more here: Naumaris & Delta Sail.

My hobbies

I played basketball as a child and I now practice multiple sports such as sailing, running, cycling, and swimming. I’ve done various long distance triathlons and enjoy open waters swimming. Check out or connect with me through Strava.

One of the things I frequently do on my spare time is reading. I do read about many different topics, but mainly business or startups books, as well as novels. If I don’t read in my Kindle, I listen to audiobooks while walking to work, doing sport, cooking, etc. If you wish to know what I’m reading, do check the Goodreads section in the footer.

Maybe because I enjoyed maths in school, or solving challenging problems while as a consultant, I feel very curious about the stock market. I look for investment opportunities both in the primary and secondary market, most of the them related to technology and digital businesses.

One of the things I like the most is travelling…

Trips around the World

I like to travel and discover new landscapes, and meet people from different cultures. I travelled often due to consulting projects, but also for pleasure. At least once a year, I like to take a 2-weeks trip to some place I haven’t been before. One of the greatest experiences I have lived was taking a 3-months backpacking trip around South America visiting some of the most espectacular landscapes in the World. Even so, there are still many places to discover.